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Here at the Maine Aquarium we value the fun in education! While our exhibits offer an unbeatable way for students to learn about aquatic underwater worlds, we believe students can take even more away from the experience if they begin their education in the classroom. Below are several Sample Worksheets and links to related Curriculum Resources and that will help you prepare your students to get the most out of their visit. Also visit our Calendar of Events for a listing of special educational programs being held at the aquarium and our Information Center to find out about valuable field trip discounts. We look forward to seeing you!


Welcome Teachers and Students
to our Worksheets on life underwater....

Feel free to copy any of the worksheets here!

Caribbean Coral Reef:

  1. Magical Mystery Tour-name these animals
  2. day world mini quiz
  3. Unscramble the letters
  4. night world mini quiz

The Prize of Maine:

  1. Maine Lobster
  2. University of Maine Lobster Quiz

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