Maine Lobster
(also North American Lobster or Northern Lobster)
Homerus americanus


Size: To 4-feet, usually much less
Range:Labrador to the Carolinas

  1. What type of habitat do these Lobsters prefer?
  2. How large can a Maine Lobster be?
  3. What do Maine Lobsters eat?
  4. What time of day do Lobsters eat?
  5. How many paris of legs does a Lobster have?
  6. What is the difference between the two claws?
  7. Can a lobster be "right-handed"?
  8. What color pigments make up a lobster's color?
  9. Do lobsters ever float?
  10. TRUE or FALSE...Lobsters have compound eyes, that is, their eyes are made up of thousands of tiny eyes that are very sensitive to light.