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Posted August 15, 2014




We know who the upfront players were who brought down the Maine Aquarium and closed it in July of 1997 (peak tourist season) but we are seeking to identify the remaining individuals who were working behind the scenes to close the Maine Aquarium when it was open to the public in Saco, Maine and bring them to justice (fully aware of the statute of limitations) but, at a minimum, expose who they are. It is long overdue.

Please return to this site for periodic progress reports or to respond to comments from the public worthy of responses.

*50,000 REWARD:

*Up to $50,000* reward to whistleblower(s) who provide(s) the Maine Aquarium with significant new information or information greatly substantiating the existing on-hand evidence leading to the recovery of value lost and the conviction of persons involved in the fraud and corruption scheme' that forced the closure of the Maine Aquarium in July 1997 (at peak tourist season and at a time when the Maine Aquarium was honored and privileged with hosting the only travelling exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution 'in all of New England' that was on display at the Maine Aquarium). These persons also 'forced' the ruthless sale of its property (Maine Aquarium building, its contents, and 70 acres fronting on U.S. Route 1 in Saco, Maine prior to the 70 acres being subdivided by the new owner). This site had been planned to become a 70 acre Maine Aquarium theme park for the educational benefits of Maine students and for the enjoyment of Maine residents and to all its visitors.

The Maine Aquarium exhibited live aquatic animals (harbor seals, penguins, sharks and fish of Maine and 'of the world' in an educational and family oriented environment. In addition to Maine Aquarium's staff continuously providing educational programs to visiting school students (and to the public) the Maine Aquarium also hosted college students in job shadowing and research programs for college credits, educational outreach programs by visiting residents in area assisted care and nursing homes, rescuing abandoned and injured seals off Maine beaches prior to the University of New England (UNE) opening its own marine rehabilitation center, however, UNE has recently closed its rehabilitation center and is no longer rescuing seals.

The Maine Aquarium was open to the public and offered all its services on a "year round" basis for 12.5 years (not just during the lucrative summer tourist season) and never at any cost to taxpayers. No lobbying before the Maine Legislative Appropriations Committee for taxpayer funds, no referendum bonds, no MTI grants, no federal or state grants, and no subsidies. It was funded entirely by a personal investment, general admissions, and memberships.

The Maine Aquarium had over 1.5 million visitors plus 1/4 million students having visited the Maine Aquarium and transported by school buses during scheduled school field trips to the Maine Aquarium and who experienced educational programs specifically designed by the educational department of the Maine Aquarium to each school's current curriculum of aquatic animal life. The Maine Aquarium educational staff was accredited for providing educational programs to Maine school teachers for their continuing educational credits for recertification.

Management and personnel of the Maine Aquarium spent much effort and expense toward shipping all of its live aquatic animals to suitable homes, that is, to other public aquariums across the U.S. after this 'ruthless' closure; only one of various species of sharks on exhibit at the Maine Aquarium had to be euthanized, and the travelling exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution on display had to be returned to Washington D.C. prematurely.


*Up to $50,000* reward to whistleblower(s) who provide(s) the Maine Aquarium with significant new information or information greatly substantiating the existing evidence on hand leading to the recovery of value lost and the conviction of person(s) involved in the fraud and corruption that caused the senseless closure and ceasing of the five year re-development work-in-process for a renewed Maine Aquarium and the forced sale in April 2009 of its waterfront redevelopment property. This property included a six story, 160,000 s.f. concrete, fire proof building (federally recognized as a nuclear fallout shelter due to its significant structural strength) making it ideal to support the heavy weight loads for the Maine Aquarium's aquatic exhibits, and a 2,100 s.f. steel building both upon a 3.54 acre site fronting on the Saco River, frontage on U.S. Rt. 1, and abutting Amtrak rail service in Biddeford, Maine. This property is adjacent an 8.5 acre buildable lot recently purchased by the City of Biddeford for $6.65 million.

Amount of reward(s) shall be commensurate with level of significance of information provided by whistleblower(s).

Please respond ASAP in strict confidence to the Maine Aquarium via this email form, OR, mail to: Maine Aquarium Director, PO Box 107, Kennebunkport, ME 04046. If you do not receive an acknowledgement via email within 2 days of your email or within 10 days of your USPS mailing please send a duplicate copy to the above USPS address.

Reward(s) shall be paid by the Maine Aquarium and will either be announced to the public or kept in confidence with the Maine Aquarium... according to the wishes of the Whistleblower.

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